Thursday, 15 July 2010

Storytelling: A slideshow with Animoto

This is another ELTAS Tech Tools Day task.

Pre-task thinking:
  • How do you use photographs for storytelling?
Animoto is an audio slideshow application that, in its free form, allows you to show up to 12 slides and a short video and add up to 30 seconds of audio. You can also add a text intro.
Positive: This tool is free and easy to use, so good for students, especially for those who keep photos online.
Negative: You can't change the sequence of the pictures, or map the audio exactly to the individual frames.

The following Animoto slideshow was made using
  • photos I uploaded from my phone to Flickr and made into an album
  • an mp3 audio file I made recording myself and using Garageband (part of Apple) including a jingle. You can use Audacity (great freeware) instead to create mp3s.

Create your own video slideshow at


Share pictures as a slideshow and either
  • add a short audio file in which you explain them
  • write a text about them to post along with the slideshow
Step by step:
  1. Select or create an album on Flickr with pictures from an event (up to 12 pictures)
    OR find up to 12 pictures online through Google Images. (Use "advanced search" to assure that the Usage Rights state that they are "labeled for reuse".)
  2. Create a 30 second mp3 using Audacity
    OR write a paragraph to go with the pictures.
  3. Go to
  4. For "add pictures", connect to your Flickr album and select it OR select pictures online individually OR upload them from your computer.
  5. Add a title and description to your first slide.
  6. For "music", either upload your mp3 recording OR add a piece of music Animoto offers
  7. Let Animoto complete the mashup.
  8. Embed on your blog or Ning (along with any text.)

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