Sunday, 4 July 2010

Google Docs Form/Spreadsheet for contact, surveys, quizzes and feedback

On 17 July, ELTAS is hosting a Tech Tools Day for teachers of English. To prepare for it, I'll be posting tasks on this blog. The first task:

Make a survey or contact form on your blog using Google Docs Form/Spreadsheet. This form can also be emailed to users. It allows respondents to input information that is then collected neatly in one spreadsheet. Some possible uses for this function are:
  1. Creating a general contact form
  2. Providing a sign-up form for specific courses
  3. Creating a needs analysis form for potential students
  4. Quizzing your students on content taught (open questions, you will assess)
  5. Feedback on student work published on your blog or Ning or other Collaborative Learning Environment by everyone in your class
  6. Feedback on your teaching by participants in your course

To demonstrate how Form/Spreedsheet works, here is a survey made using the app.

This is how Google introduces their app:

Step by step:
  1. Go to If you don't have a Google account yet, follow the directions and create one
  2. Go to "Create New/Form" or "/Spreadsheet". These two are simply different modalities to create the same questions. If you go through Spreadsheet, click on "Form" to edit the form itself.
  3. Enter title, intro text and begin adding individual questions by clicking "add item".
  4. Item title is the question, additional details can go in the second text box for each question. Item types include text (one line box), paragraph, multiple choice (only one answer), checkbox (multiple answers), choose from a list (only one item), scale (viz 1-5) and grid. You can also format headers and page breaks.
  5. In editing mode, you can change the sequence of your items.
  6. When you're done, save.
  7. Select a template for your form and save.
  8. To embed in a blog, go to "More actions" and click "embed" for the HTML code. Copy and paste this code into your blog.
  9. To send by email to a selected group, Go to "Email this form" and enter the email addresses.
  10. To see the results of your survey, go to "See Responses".
  11. If you want to publish the results of your survey to a select group or to everyone, go to "See Responses" and select "Spreadsheet". There, in the right-hand corner, you will see the "Share" button. Select whether the sharing settings "Public on the web", "Anyone with the link" (your group only, whom you send a secure link to) or "Private" (you only). You can change these settings at any time. Then email your group, or publish the URL of the spreadsheet on your blog.
Your task:
Decide on the function your Form will have. Create the form and publish it to everyone on your blog. Please post a link to your Form here, under "Comments".

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