Thursday, 23 July 2009

Kevin Spacey tweets with David Letterman

This one is especially for John and a couple of other people I know:

Media Futurist featured on Tech Crunch and initially saw it via Heike Philp. Kevin Spacey on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Well, I'm still not going to twitter or tweet... I'm hope I'm not a twit, but I'd rather not be followed by anyone.

Birds tweet, digital natives may twitter, but I was born some 50 years ago... and whilst I hope I'm doing my best to keep up with technology, I really can't see why anyone would want to tweet or twitter.


Anne Hodgson said...

No need to be sorry, John :)

This is not directed at you primarily, this goes out to our local community:

John is most certainly not alone :) Does anyone else at MELTA twitter? I have yet to meet anyone posting tweets. So given our 270 members or so, I'm probably a minority of less than 1%. True, I'm sometimes a wee bit frustrated that the local crowd doesn't even comment on this blog (which is so easy it's a no-brainer), so it feels like a dead duck. Perhaps that's why I personally need to be in touch with teachers who are connecting online and sharing inside news. I follow bright heads, and there are tools like hashtags to simplify finding related posts. Many of our visitors to this blog come through my own tweets on Yes, Twitter is time consuming and it's a new variety of eavesdropping and I don't really want to know everybody's inside jokes and would sometimes prefer to cut to the chase.... But still, I know of no better way to keep up with the Joneses in EFL.