Sunday, 19 July 2009

Alex Case's TEFLtastic

One of the really great blogs to follow is TEFLtastic by Alex Case, an experienced teacher-trainer and editor of with, I'd wager, a preference for Paul Simon and the number 15 ("15 ways...") who has worked all over the world (Turkey, Thailand, Greece, Spain, Italy, UK, Japan), now in Korea. A great mentor and motivator.
Recently he has begun publishing a lot of worksheets to print out, including these topics:
  • medical English
  • business/ ESP games
  • telephoning games
  • technical English/ numbers games
  • English for artists (!)
  • EFL exams
  • travel
  • writing games
  • vocab games
  • social English
  • videos/ films
  • songs
  • culture
He has listed them all very neatly for you and me here to download and print out. With all this great free materials production going on, can you please tell me what we still need coursebooks for?? And how do writers survive, pray tell?


Alex Case said...

Thanks Anne, nice comments like this make the hour I just spent posting new worksheets worthwhile. I'm only Review Editor (volunteer reviewers always needed!) actually, the rest of the site is edited by the owner

I do sometimes worry that I am making some poor TEFL writer unemployed with this strange need of mine to share my stuff for free...

Anne Hodgson said...

I know, but good competition keeps us all on our toes :)
Thanks again!

Karenne Sylvester said...

I agree with you thoroughly Anne, Alex is the best!

And er, we won't be writing coursebooks any longer... just blogs!


Anonymous said...

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Alex Case said...

You'd be surprised how many people Google "English for Art Students", I just wish I could offer them more than a few worksheets meant to accompany Old Headway Advanced

Think the comment above is spam (not Karenne's, in case that isn't clear!)