Thursday, 11 June 2009

Online teacher training to boost your tech skills

Nicky Hockly at The Consultants-E has just sent out an email update on the teacher training courses she and Gavin Dudeney run 100% online on their Moodle platform. Each course lasts 2 weeks (10 hours), costs 135 Euros and focuses on a different free ICT tool: blogs, wikis and podcasting.

In each 2-week course you:

a) learn what the tool is and how it works
b) discuss and create projects to use with your own learners
c) create your own sample blog/wiki/podcast for your learners

BLOGS [15 - 30 June 2009] Participants set up their own blogs during the course using web-based blog software, such as Blogger. Also examine RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and learn how to use this to subscribe to blogs.

WIKIS [1 - 15 July 2009] By the end of the course you will have set up a wiki to use with your own students, using web-based wiki software, such as PBworks and WetPaint.

PODCASTING [15 - 30 July 2009] Participants will create their own podcasts during the course, using web-based podcasting software, such as VoiceThread and Audacity.

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