Friday, 19 June 2009

Digital storytelling

Digital storytelling is the art of creating a story in multimedia using any of the myrads of tools currently available, and sharing it online. One of the most famous and inspiring sites was created by Alan Levine and tells the story of one man's relationship with his dog, Dominoe, in 50 different ways.

SlideShare, one of the best sites for uploading presentations (create source material in Powerpoint or other presentation software, upload for conversion to Flash. To include a soundtrack, record audio as mp3, store on external server, and link to create "slidecast", synchronizing audio to slides), and Fuze Meeting, an application for virtual meetings using a shared desktop, are currently running a Tell A Story Contest, the winner of which will get $5,000. Participants tell their story through a slideshow using 30 slides. (Contest information passed to us by ELTWeekly blog (India's first weekly ELT eNewsletter).)

Anyone can view the entries on the contest site. Registered SlideShare users help decide on the winning entry. Most of the entries are, quite frankly, disappointing. Hardly anyone used audio - pity!

Update: Karenne Sylvester has posted a nice presentation entitled "Plenty of Fish".

If you like it, vote for her here:

Simple picture + text presentations are something your EFL students could make. Caveat: Experience shows that your students will spend quite some time learning how to use the tools, and (at least in the first project) a relatively small amount of time on the actual production of English - which is why I haven't used it with my students. Still, if your students are interested in acquiring or developing their creative digital skills it can be very motivating.
Do you have projects to show and inspire other teachers to use SlideShare? Please add links to them to the comments below!

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