Friday, 5 March 2010

Preparing a Negotiation Role Play - Lesson description

Aim: to practice negotiating skills and the language of negotiating
Resources: worksheet, Preparing a Negotiation Role Play
Download: worksheet pdf
Preparing a Negotiation Role Play
Level : Adult learners B2 and up
Length: 60 mins

Method: Preparation: The students are put into small groups and asked to think of a real or hypothetical negotiation. They complete the worksheet and hand it to another group.
The other group may ask any questions they have about the situation.

Task: The groups then role play the negotiation they have been given.
At the end of the role play each group writes a short report.

Analysis and feedback: At the end of each report the group which prepared the role play can comment; "Was the outcome the one they expected (if hypothetical) or the actual outcome (if real)?" "Were there other options which were not considered?" etc.
The trainer then gives feedback.

By Diana Diodati-Konrad


Chiew said...

Anne, this blog has been featured on my list of ten blogs worthy of following. Check out on what's it all about here: Worthy Blogs



Anne Hodgson said...

Dear Chiew,

Thank you very much! John and I ran this blog as an extension of our discussions at MELTA (Munich English Language Teachers Association) on how to advise teachers on educational technology. This discussion has moved into an internal Ning and back to individual exchanges, especially since there are many wonderful bloggers who have carried on this general discussion in a very sophisticated way. Also, many teachers have in the meantime acquired the basic skills that were my primary concern in this blog.

I'm not sure whether my MELTA colleagues will want to pick this blog up again and redefine the focus.

I'll be moving to Berlin, and continue to blog at

Anonymous said...

thanks for this lesson. Ive been struggling to find a good idea for a Negotiations lesson and role play situation. Its for a small group of students at a firm. But i think this is perfect. Now they can create a realistic situation from their own experience with they know their company better than i do so its much more applicable. Thanks again.