Friday, 22 January 2010

Fiction in action: Whodunnit

From the website of ABAX, an independent publisher of ELT materials in Tokyo and San Francisco:

The World's first free-to-share commercial ELT textbook has just been published by Adam Gray and Marcos Benevides. Their new reading title, Fiction in Action: Whodunit, is available as an eBook for free under a Creative Commons license. The print book will be available this spring.

Download free eBook here

Fiction in Action: Whodunit is something not seen before, a textbook designed to act as a bridge to extensive reading. Over 12 units encompassing two original six-chapter stories, the book introduces students to the hows and the pleasures of reading accessible fiction in English. Fiction in Action focuses on extended and connected passages in one genre—in this case, the detective story—familiarizing students with the language, style and literary conventions associated with this form of story. A special feature of the text is tasks that are not merely supportive of but intrinsic to the stories.

I'm reading it through right now and really like the interactive elements. I've got just the course to use this book in: a company course that wants a bit of reading on the side!


Alex Case said...

Did you try it? How did it go?

Anonymous said...

My name is Adam Gray and I am one of the authors. How did it go? Feel free to email at