Saturday, 21 March 2009

Using Outlook's Calendar to 'invite' students

To follow on from Anne's post about arranging meetings using Doodle, let's look at how to send students an invitation for a lesson using Outlook.

I find this function is very useful for some groups and one-to-one students who cancel regularly or where companies have a policy that the have to be more than a certain number of students before the lesson can take place.

First, open Outlook and go to your calendar. If the lesson is already shown in your calendar, double click on it. If it isn't in your calendar you will need to add it by double clicking on the day the lesson will take place and adding the relevant details (Subject, Location, Start time, etc.)

Now click on the 'Invite Attendees' button at the top and add the email addresses of the students you want to 'invite' to the lesson.

When you have finished, click on send.

A copy of the invitation is sent to all the students and they then have three options 1) to accept the invitation, 2) to accept it tentatively and 3) to reject the invitation.

As soon as they click on one of those options, Outlook will send you an email letting you know whether they have time or not and if they accept, the lesson will be added to their calendar.

It's simple, fast and can sometimes saves you from a trip to a group of students who don't have time for a lesson.

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