Friday, 20 March 2009

Arranging a meeting online

How can you arrange a meeting with your students? Don't send them an email with several suggestions and then work something out from their various responses. Do what the MELTA board does when they want to meet: Go online to and set up an online survey (Umfrage). Lisa Förster showed us how:
  1. Click on "Termin finden", type in a title (eg "English course pub night"), an optional description and your name.
  2. Go to the next page and select possible dates.
  3. Continue to the next page and type in possible times.
  4. Then select "Fertigstellen" to create your survey.
  5. On the next page, follow "Link zur Teilnahme" to go to the survey.
  6. Highlight the URL in the survey window ( e.g. our sample is and copy it into an email to send to your students.
  7. OR if you have a blog or forum, go to "Einbinden" and copy the code on that page into your blog/forum to create a link like this:

You can be the first to respond, like I was in this sample, but the dates will probably suit you as you suggested them. Go ahead and test the links and take part in this "Unfrage" so you see how it works. You can't break anything :)
Any questions or problems? Ask Auntie Web.

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