Sunday, 2 May 2010

EFL Carnival of Lessons

Karenne Sylvester has just published the latest EFL blog carnival, dedicated to lesson plans. She's put the whole thing in a great looking presentation on her blog, Kalinago English.

I just had a look at them all (same order of sequence as presented) and took short notes on who did what:
  • Sabrina De Vita - reviews the Present Simple and Present Continuous with a movie segment
  • Mike Harrison - has students lipreading from a video, a new and interesting approach
  • Nightwalker - is teaching students how to brainstorm most effectively
  • Johanna Stirling - created a spelling code to crack / spelling puzzle to solve
  • Shelly Terrell - presents Tagul, a tagcloud builder, and vocabulary resources to work with
  • Anne Hodgson - uses 2 videos for business English (writing reports, small talk)
  • Jessie Voigts - a collection of icebreaker ideas for YL and teens
  • Larry Ferlazzo - does a class survey with activities about sleeping enough
  • Mr. Foteah - is awarding medals for words
  • Nick Jaworski - uses a video his students find funny to lead into creative writing
  • Diana Diodati Konrad - is setting up the framework for negotiating in business Engl.
  • Jeremy Day - is reflecting on how and how not to teach ESP
  • Vicki Hollett - her dictation is "similar but different" to the listening comprehension
  • Arjana Blazic - turns texts into Hotpotatoes gapfills, also has students writing
  • Natasa Bozic Grojic - has nine roles to play in an argument over children using mobiles
  • Barbara Sakamoto - uses the "sight barrier" information gap technique and realia with pre-intermediate adult learners
  • Janet Bianchini - explores how to teach ppt from her own learning experience
  • Eva Buyuksimkesyan - discusses the pros and cons of playing games in class
What a wealth of lessons! All the links here.

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