Sunday, 18 October 2009

Give Jamie Keddie feedback

Jamie Keddie, now known to MELTA members through his recent workshop (which I, sadly, missed), is revamping his website and has asked for feedback. Can you give him some?
  • Which lessons have you found promising?
  • Which have been useful? To which effect?
  • Have you carried any of them out to the letter?
  • Or have you used them, but adapted them in some way?
I think we are probably all ready to move from the mere fact that YouTube videos can be used to using them to promote learning as effectively as possible. Jamie is at the leading edge here.


Anonymous said...

Hello (I think that is Anne that wrote this)
Just to say thank you very much for the support.
Heard you had an ice age in Munich. Wrap up warm now!
Jamie =)

Anonymous said...

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