Saturday, 10 July 2010

Self-correcting quizzes with instant feedback

This is another ELTAS Tech Tools Day task

Pre-task thinking:

There are advantages to using Google apps for everything. If your students create a Google email account, all forms and other notifications map beautifully in the e-mails they receive.

So let's say you want to give your student a self-correcting quiz they can see their results in, and want to go with Google Docs Form. Your primary goal then is not to assess, but to give your quiz takers a quick fix for formative self-evaluation and motivation, with at least the minimal feedback whether they got the question right or wrong.

You can use Google Docs Form. I've doctored the assessment test (see last blog entry) to change it into this type of quiz. Try it out!

Feel free to compare the test you've taken with its backend here.

Karenne Sylvester taught me how she creates these tests for a student of hers:
  • The questions are one to a page.
  • Picking the right answer takes the test taker to the next page.
  • Wrong answer? The test taker gets the message "Wrong answer! Please go back and try again."

Step by step:

  • Create your quiz using Google Docs Form.
  • After each question, add a page break. Page titles ="question 1" "question 2" etc.
  • Add two page breaks at the end, title = "Wrong Answer" and "Well done!"
  • Edit each question individually by activating the "go to page based on answer" box: For the correct answer select "Continue to next page". For all incorrect answers select "go to page X (Wrong Answer)". For the last question select "Well done!" Save everything.


  • Create a self-correcting quiz with feedback using Google Docs Form.
  • Please create a link to your document so we can try your quiz out.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this been wondering how to do it and you've made it very simple

froggieflo said...

Thanks heaps !!!! very easy instructions, it helped me so much :-)

Doug said...

This was terrific--exactly what I wanted! Amazing that it's still relevant in 2013.

Unknown said...

Thanx Auntie! A simple sollution yet brilliant:)

Unknown said...

Thanks! Simple yet brilliant:)

BBaggins said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! This is exactly what I needed!!! I have been so frustrated with online teaching because I haven't been able to integrate simplistic self-checks such as these where students receive immediate feedback, and I'm still able to track whether or not they completed the task. I've tried everything, tests/assessments/surveys in Blackboard, other websites, everything! This was perfect. Thank you!!!!!